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Various internationally operating technology companies fall under the Lumipol flag. Each with their own product portfolio, identity and independence. All the companies operate in a market that is constantly changing. We like to be the frontrunner! So, keep an eye on us because there are plenty of great developments in the pipeline.

NPS Lumipol Logoo Rgb

NPS Diesel imports (marine) diesel engines from John Deere, industrial G2 engines from Doosan and marine engines from Nanni. It supplies DAF Paccar engines, Sinocox alternators and has its own brands: Zenoro generators and Xeamos exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. The commitment to sustainable use, efficient fuel consumption and low emissions, is reinforced with the IODA monitoring software that provides real-time insight into the performance of the products supplied worldwide.

De Hammen 1
5371 MK Ravenstein
The Netherlands
+31(0)86 201 600

Lumipol Logo Xeamos Wit Website

Xeamos shapes sustainability through the development and the sale of aftertreatment systems to minimise diesel engine emissions in specific marine and industrial applications. Xeamos has full control over development and production.

Bijsterhuizen 24-16
6604 LL Wijchen
The Netherlands
+31 (0)24 648 6015

Lumipol Logo Npsyachting Wit Website

NPS Diesel in Antibes focuses on the after-sales activities in the yacht industry and the refit projects for Zenoro and Xeamos in the Mediterranean.

C2, 425 Rue de Goa
06600 Antibes
+33 (0)4 97 046 980

Nps Pontchateau Wit Website

The NPS Diesel site in Pontchateau focuses on importing diesel engines from John Deere, Doosan and DAF for a wide range of sectors: industry, marine, agriculture, forestry, energy (generators) and mining. In addition, they also offer aftersales and accessories.

Parc d’Activité de l’Abbaye numéro 2
3 Rue Edmé Mariotte, 44160, Pontchâteau
+33 (0)2 4000 5000

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For the assembly, testing, installation, repair and maintenance of diesel and electric motor driven pumps for fire installations, or Firepacks, you’re in the right place with WB Firepacks. WB Firepacks supplies to sprinkler installers and end users throughout Europe. They are the undisputed market leader in the Benelux. In Germany, WB Firepacks is active through its subsidiary HSA-Firepacks GmbH.

Hoedemakersstraat 14
3334 KK Zwijndrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)78 623 1500

HSA Lumipol Logoo Rgb

The German branch of WB Firepacks operates under the name of HSA-Firepacks. In addition to the extension of WB Firepacks in the German market for pump installations for fire safety, HSA also builds generator sets for emergency power supplies.

Wernerusstraße 14
29227 Celle
+49 5141 951470

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Fire Lion Global is active worldwide as a supplier of foam pumps and foam pump systems. Fire Lion's foam pumps are characterized as simple, easy to repair and robust. Fire Lion pumps are UL Listed, FM Approved, ISO registered and CE ATEX marked.

14707 NE 13th Court – Suite B100
Vancouver, WA 98685
United States
+1 360-574-9068

DET Lumipol Logoo Rgb

Diesel Equipment Trading has been the official distributor of Mitsubishi and Isuzu industrial diesel engines and parts in the Benelux since 1988.

Bijsterhuizen 22-09
6604 LC Wijchen
The Netherlands
+31 (0)24 34 34 250

Avular Lumipol Logoo Rgb

Avular is an agile and innovative robotics company with the aim of making the world of complex mobile robotics accessible to everyone. They make it easier to build a mobile robot specific to the customer’s needs, provide assistance in development, and give you the option to build a robot for you if you don’t have the necessary resources. From engineering services to turnkey products and everything in between.

Achtseweg Zuid 153G
5651 GW Eindhoven
The Netherlands
+31 (0)40 304 15 86

Lumipol Logo CIS Wit Groen Maken Website

Citadel Fiber focuses on providing advanced fiber infrastructure solutions, backed by an experienced group of industry leaders with more than 300 years of collective experience in fiber optic products applied across various business segments.

Office No.234, Spaces Bangalore Shantiniketan
Level 2, Cresent 4, Prestige Shantiniketan
Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560066

+91 022-49736833

SASMOS Lumipol Logoo Rgb

SASMOS produces electrical cabling for the aviation industry and defence. The products are marketed worldwide, but the main sales regions are India, Israel, America and England. SASMOS is based in India.


# 5, Onyx Center,
Museum Road, Shanthala Nagar,
Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru - 560001, Karnataka
(+91) 080-40688000


We are always open to companies that want to join the Lumipol Group. Our goal is to be a technology leader together. Curious how we can strengthen each other?