Firepacks France: The new partner for sprinkler pump units in France

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The launch of a new organization with a focus on fire safety in France is a fact. After having been active in France for several years, it is now possible to collaborate even more intensively with our customers through a new entity: Firepacks France. With a permanent office in France, Firepacks France is closer to its customers and the service level can be taken to a higher level.

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Raise the level of service
Firepacks France will not only focus on supplying sprinkler pumps. The local team focuses on long-term collaborations. In most cases, this starts with the supply of a fire application for a building or site as requested. To keep the lifespan of such an installation as long as possible, it is important that the sprinkler system is properly maintained. Let maintenance be precisely what makes Firepacks France unique.

Luc Turbang, Managing Director Firepacks France: “We are very proud to launch our location in France. We have been active in the French market for a number of years, but with a fixed location we have even more opportunities to increase the service level with our customers. We are convinced that together we can increase fire safety in France!”

Solutions for protection by sprinkler, foam concentrate and water mist
The markets Firepacks France focuses on – sprinkler, foam and water mist – have already shown enormous growth in recent history and are expected to grow even further. With the wide range of solutions for the various markets, Firepacks France and its service engineers are ready to help French customers achieve a higher level of fire safety.

About Firepacks France
Firepacks France develops, develops, tests, installs, repairs and maintains Firepacks: diesel and electric motor-derived pump sets for brand extinguishing systems. Firepacks France deals with the core of fire protection on a daily basis. Everything in and around the pump room – the heart of the installation – receives our explicit attention. We supply our Firepacks and other fire prevention solutions to sprinkler installers and replacements. As part of the Firepacks Group, there is an enormous amount of knowledge with regard to this specific market.

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