Lloyd’s Type Approval Ensures Wide Marine Applicability of DAF PACCAR MX-13

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NPS Driven has successfully completed the Lloyd’s Type Approval for the DAF PACCAR MX-13. The clean, efficient, and quiet Euro 6 MX engine, which has been installed by Vink Diesel since 2017, offers the inland shipping industry a state-of-the-art solution. With this Lloyd’s certification, the engine is now widely applicable and, as of now, also suitable for passenger shipping, ADN – and other classified inland vessels.

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The Lloyd’s Register Type Approval is the result of a unique collaboration between NPS Driven and Vink Diesel, supported by DAF. Thus, the MX-13 becomes the only Type Approved Euro 6 marine engine. Coupled with the previously mentioned distinctive capabilities, short delivery times, and excellent parts availability, the Type Approval completes the picture for the engine produced in Eindhoven.

Technological sophistication
The demand for this certification came directly from the inland shipping market where Vink is an important engine supplier. The need for a Type Approval was already evident during the IWW Stage V certification, a challenge that NPS and Vink also tackled together. As a distributor, NPS has all the necessary DAF expertise and testing facilities and has established contact with Lloyd’s. Vink clarified the application requirements. “Such a project is only possible by bringing together various expertise and market knowledge,” says Peter van der Heijden, managing director at NPS Driven. Sander Langenberg, managing director at Vink Diesel, adds: “I am pleased with the collaboration, and even more with this result. With the IWW Stage V certification, we have already demonstrated that this engine deserves a place in inland shipping. This Lloyd’s certification also recognizes the technological sophistication of the engine, and especially its reliability and safety. A genuinely unique engine for this market. The number of engines already ordered clearly shows the demand for it.”

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