WB Firepacks launches Firecoach: Professional and sustainable management of sprinkler installations

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WB Firepacks from Zwijndrecht has released a new version of the remote monitoring and control system for sprinkler installations: 
Firecoach. Firecoach's machine-to-machine technology makes remote monitoring and testing part of daily practice. Remote insight is provided into the performance of the fire extinguishing system. The result: more efficient deployment of personnel, less maintenance and insight into the performance of the installation.

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Always connected
The new version of Firecoach is based on years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of remote monitoring. This knowledge and expertise has been translated into a renewed design of the dashboard and a user-friendly interface of the mobile application. Users of the application can now easily monitor and test their pump set remotely and receive real-time status feedback.

In addition, Firecoach also gives users the option to perform the weekly test remotely. This is done through the same protocols as in the field. This makes it possible to perform several tests per day with the same quality.

Future proof
It is important to always think about how something can be improved. This requires an innovative positioning. An important part of fire protection is the maintenance of sprinkler systems. Remote management provides more tools for this part in order to guarantee quality.

“We are proud of this new version of Firecoach, which provides optimal insight into various parameters of the pump set. The most important feature is full control in management, monitoring, signalling, acting and diagnosing. Everything clearly displayed in an online dashboard. I am convinced that this is the future of our customers and end customers,” says Safak Dinc, Product Engineer at WB Firepacks.

The updated application was developed in collaboration with WolfpackIT, a software and platform development company located in the beating heart of innovation: Eindhoven University of Technology. Thanks to the cooperation with the highly skilled and driven team, the (technical) wishes have been set up for a well-functioning system.

Douwe van der Zee, Managing Director at WB Firepacks:  “The new features and improved overall package of Firecoach is very positive for our customers. They will have full control over the installation they have installed. Firecoach's role in this is to signal and inform. In this way, no calamity will escape our customers. ”

The updated Firecoach app can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Find more information about the application or a demo at www.firecoach.app.

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